About This Blog

Hey there… Thanks for stopping by.

This blog is going to tell you all about a unique program…Direct Cellars.  Direct Cellars is the fastest growing wine club…anywhere!  Anyone that wants to can participate…please go to: EarnFreeWineClub.com to find out more. 

This blog is also a blog of exploration…exploration into the wonderful world of wine and being social…and, exploration of the teachings of some of the most notable experts and authors on the subject of leadership and becoming a leader. 

This may seem an odd pairing, normally food comes to mind when pairing wine, however, the subject of leadership has a way of finding a foothold in ‘any’ topic…as in; leaders can be found (and are sorely needed) in all walks of life and fields of endeavor.  I invite you to look forward to this ‘pairing’ and hope to hear from you soon!