Which is the Best Wine Cooler For You?

best wine coolers

You can’t claim to love wine and not come to “crossroads” in picking the right wine coolers. For wine lovers, a big problem (not counting deciding on wines) will be choosing the best wine coolers to store your ‘bottle of goodness’. A wine-cooler helps you to keep your wine at the best temperatures; how they can be best enjoyed. Also, you should know that the best temperatures to enjoy your wine vary, depending on the type of wine. Generally, your Oak Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and other white wines should be served cooler compared to your Merlots, Zinfandel, and other Red wines.

Wine coolers are better than Refrigerators/other Coolers
Refrigerators are a great appliance for preserving our foods and edibles at low temperatures, but these temperatures are detrimental to wines and affect their tastes. Secondly, the smell of other vegetables and other ‘open edibles’ stored in the refrigerators can penetrate weakened corks, and pollute the taste of our wines.

Other factors that make wine coolers more effective compared to refrigerators are;
The low-humidity in the refrigerator’s interior,
Presence of UV rays and light that can spoil the wines,
The higher cost and difficulty in maintaining refrigerators.

Types of Wine coolers
When considering wine coolers, you should know that; all wine coolers will match specific needs, so you have to determine your needs.

Wine coolers can be Thermo-electric or use compressors
Compressor based coolers make use of a device (compressors) to energize the refrigerants to cool the inner part of the appliance and sends out hot air to the exterior surroundings.

Compressors based coolers usually have a higher capacity, are heavier, consume more power, and are noisy. Thermo-electric, on the other hand, is quieter, eco-friendly, and less energy-consuming, but they have lower capacities. The cooling effects are as a result of the difference in temperatures created by electric currents flowing in a conductor. The hotter end of the conductor is made to face the exterior while the cooler part is inside.

Single or Multi-Temperature Zones
Single zone wine coolers have just a mono temperature range for storing wines; this means that you can only store a type of wine in the cooler, and they are smaller in size. Single temperature zone wine cooler is best for you if you keep a single type of wine.

The Multi-temperature zone cooler has multiple storage compartments that feature different temperature zones for storing your wines. With the multi-zone wine coolers, you can store a variety of wines even if they have different cooling temperatures.

Stand-alone vs. Built-In Wine coolers
Stand Alones are free and movable and are not built or integrated into a cabinet in the kitchen. They are larger than the built-in coolers and occupy a lot of space. Built-ins have a more customized look and are incorporated into kitchen cabinetry. The beauty in wine coolers recessed in cabinetry is that they are exquisite, portable, and less-space consuming.

Picking the best wine cooler is a personal choice and depends on your needs. Many factors determine the best wine cooler for you, for example, a thermoelectric, dual-zone, Built-in wine cooler will be the perfect choice for you; if your wines are a mixed variety, you have a small kitchen space, and you don’t mind the cooling capacity as long as there is little noise produced by the cooler. If you’re considering costs, and have mainly a type of wine, a single zone temperature zone wine cooler is best.